Image for the future(今後の展望)

English is here~


    • バイトを辞める


    ネットでFree DLできるようにするのでご期待ください。


    今考えているのが「RG Remix EP」

    • Flygon EP -Harddance-
      Latias EP -Progressive-
      Flareon EP -Powerstomp-
      Umbreon EP -Psychedelic-
      Espeon EP -Acid-
  • などなど。いろいろ出したいなぁ。





    This is my things to do about image for the future.

    • To stop working part time

    I am going to quit my job I have worked part time for three month.
    It is because I am not having enough strength, time, and spirit to keep working. And I have to study hard.

      To make ARCC‘s PC Game

    You will be able to get FREE PC Games! Please wait…

      To sell CD

    I will sell “RG Remix EP” which means “Pokemon Red and Green Remix EP.”
    Someday I hope to make these CDs:

    • Flygon EP -Harddance-
      Latias EP -Progressive-
      Flareon EP -Powerstomp-
      Umbreon EP -Psychedelic-
      Espeon EP -Acid-
  • and more. But I have no time now.

      To work as a Webmaster

    I did not work. In truth working as a lot of homepages’s webmaster is a real pain in the ass

      Pokemon Shooting Game

    I think I will not be able to complete this…





    Scott Brown – Elysium Plus

    This is an Happy Hardcore anthem and known for the voice sample which is “Chey!” Especially, it is called one of the best Hardcore Techno in Japan.

    Zedd – Clarity feat.Foxes(kors k Remix)

    クラリティのkors kによるリミックス。典型的なJ-CORE展開で、キャッチーなシンセリフが特徴的。誰でもノリやすく作ってある。
    This is the Clarity remix by kors k, typical for the composition like J-CORE and have a lot of catchy riffs which shows his character indeed. You will be able to start dancing if you listen to.